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Post by Rostrux on Wed Mar 25, 2015 9:08 pm

Nation ID:572832
Nation Name:Arethos
Nation Ruler:Rostrux
Nation Strength:4,048.675
Economic Status [Tech buyer or tech seller]:Tech Seller.

Who were you recruited by:CNF
Have you applied in-game?:Yes
Previous alliances and positions: AoO (Army of One) Head of Recruitment, Armpit Platoon for a few days since it allowed tech raiding and let me leave whenever I felt like it.

Have you recently attacked a nation, spied on a nation, stolen aid from a nation, or generally done anything to piss someone off in CN?:I Currently have a few tech raids going nothing that I'm really worried about.

I don't really need any training, I am a returning veteran. I recently came back from a long break and decided to give this a fresh start. As stated in the previous alliances section I was the Head of Recruitment of Army of One back in 2011 it was a protectorate of GOONS.

I will admit there are a couple of new features that have been added since my leave one being the Generals/XP thing. And a few more that I glanced over still looks like the good old CN that I remember.
I chose this alliance since from what I've read it is one that allows tech raiding.


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