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Slain_Bracharias application Empty Slain_Bracharias application

Post by Slain_Bracharia on Thu Mar 26, 2015 6:02 am

Nation ID: 446333
Nation Name: Bracharia
Nation Ruler: Slain
Nation Strength: 14,170.414
Economic Status [Tech buyer or tech seller]: Tech seller

Who were you recruited by: None
Have you applied in-game?: No
Previous alliances and positions: NPO (ages ago), then I went solo for a long time, and recently Armpit Platoon. (Then you attacked me and I realized Armpit were mostly useless dwarves unable to help me)
Have you recently attacked a nation, spied on a nation, stolen aid from a nation, or generally done anything to piss someone off in CN?: No

I do not think I need training. I've been playing for 1,498 days now, and I went through quite a bit of training at NPO. (Will go through training if you think it's necessary)

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