A new challenger has entered the ring

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A new challenger has entered the ring Empty A new challenger has entered the ring

Post by Shifty Stranger on Fri Jan 09, 2015 12:06 pm

Nation ID: 290195
Nation Name: Acherus
Nation Ruler: Shifty Stranger
Nation Strength:  32,370.750 (with war bloat)
Economic Status [Tech buyer or tech seller]: Buyer

Who were you recruited by: Stonewall14
Have you applied in-game?: Yes

Previous alliances and positions: (Seperated by sphere and also somewhat chronologically) USN, MDC, NOON, The Brain, III Percent? (I don't remember much after Deinos disbanded and Terran Empire merged into NoR) SOUL, SOLID, DT, [RIA and Valhalla briefly while I decided whether or not I'd come back to CN in 2008], CDS,TPF, Nordreich, The Lost World, Deinos, Terran Empire, NSF, and SNX. I generally stayed as a low ranking member with occasional battalion or squad leadership except for TLW where I was the defense guy for a term. Generally moved around after every war so never got the chance to run for stuff.
Have you recently attacked a nation, spied on a nation, stolen aid from a nation, or generally done anything to piss someone off in CN?: No. Still got to peace out with this Umbrella guy though, he hasn't seen my battle reports yet so it could be awhile.
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A new challenger has entered the ring Empty Re: A new challenger has entered the ring

Post by 7HersH7 on Sat Jan 10, 2015 1:18 pm

Welcome! :>
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