Stonewall14 of Dixie Cove Guerrilla Warlord of the Abyss

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Stonewall14 of Dixie Cove Guerrilla Warlord of the Abyss

Post by stonewall14 on Mon Nov 17, 2014 7:55 pm

Nation ID:243975
Nation Name:Dixie Cove
Nation Ruler:stonewall14
Nation Strength:16,699.265
Economic Status [Tech buyer or tech seller]:tech seller

Who were you recruited by:God sent me to wreak havoc on thine enemies
Have you applied in-game?:yes sir
Previous alliances and positions:Kaskus, Badlands, Limitless Nexus Guerrilla Warlord(MoD or lower tier General in Kaskus) before that Kashmir/MoD, NoR General, Athens General, FEAR and SUN DMoD, STA, IRON Molon Labe DB4D and on and on
Have you recently attacked a nation, spied on a nation, stolen aid from a nation, or generally done anything to piss someone off in CN?:every chance I get? My sins are many and too numerous to list...Shocked

Megadeth..."Brother will kill brother ...Spilling blood across the land Killing for religion...Do you kill on gods command?"
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